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2014 CG - RSG by ZaidaCrescent
2014 CG - RSG
"830 years of regret."
CG Illustration commissioned by ThatSprite / RSG.

Sir Cadwr the Lucario belongs to ThatSprite / RSG, who provided the above flavor text.
He also belongs to the Roll20 RPG "Darkness."
Lucario and all things Pokemon belong to Nintendo and GameFreak.
Do not steal them.  That's waaaaaay too much steel for you.
Evolution - Keeba by ZaidaCrescent
Evolution - Keeba
Before he could earn his place among his people, Keeba was plucked from his homeworld and introduced to his new life on an intergalactic slave trade ship.  It was here that he met the father he'd never known, and soon resolved to resemble his vicious sire in no way.  After earning his freedom through cunning and patience, he encountered a being whose light would guide him from the darkness of his past...

Keeba siir Myrskara and the Maelin species belong to ZaidaCrescent.
Do not steal them.  It's never wise to annoy anything that could kick straight through you.
2014 C Sketch - Lucario1Windstorm2 by ZaidaCrescent
2014 C Sketch - Lucario1Windstorm2
Coloured Sketch commissioned by Lucario1Windstorm2.

Concepts for some characters and a new species! :'D
From left to right: Gwyn, Chandra, Dejen, and Sakina.

Characters and Species belong to Lucario1Windstorm2.
Do not steal them.  You are not ready for the smackdown.
Evolution - Rain by ZaidaCrescent
Evolution - Rain
Born with strange features (at least among his tribe) and even stranger abilities, Rain was an outcast from a very young age.  His shapeshifting powers were viewed as a sign of the gods' wrath, and as such he was banished from his homeland.  He lives as a nomad, drifting in search of opportunity, but it wasn't until recently that he found a true home in the heart of his beloved...

Rain av'Jorlei and the Raskei species belong to ZaidaCrescent.
Do not steal them.  There's no telling what manner of nightmare you'll have eating your face if you anger a shapeshifter.
Evolution - Thorne by ZaidaCrescent
Evolution - Thorne
I got to thinking a while back on the various points in some of my OCs' lives, and how they've been shaped accordingly in terms of personality and appearance.  Naturally, that made me want to draw a few "milestones" for said points, and those wound up making for a quick little chart/comparison of sorts.  Plus, it was a great chance to revamp some designs while I'm at it! :D

I've got a little list of brainkids with more significant/turbulent changes in their lives that  I'd like to have "evolution" charts for, and Thorne happened to be on the top of that list.  :)

Thorne always had a leaning toward violence, but became increasingly more sadistic and vindictive as he grew up in servitude.  His stubbornness and foul attitude cost him a hand and one of his tails, but a change of fortune (among other things) gave him the chance not only to regain his lost features, but to become something even greater than he'd ever imagined possible...

Myrskara siir Vimirl / Thorne and the Maelin species belong to ZaidaCrescent.
Do not steal them.  There are way too many strangling appendages on those things anyway--you really don't want to get on the bad side of that.
Hey guys!  I've rotated out my commission slots, and am ready to take on the final round of commissions for this year!

If you're interested in a slot, please send me a note/PM!

Thanks so much for reading!

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ebonpen Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Hobbyist

What do you want me to draw for you?

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ZaidaCrescent Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014   Digital Artist
Oh gosh, um...

How does a merperson sound? :D  (I'm not obsessed, what are you talking about.)

Traditional or digital is fine by me!  Whichever you prefer. :'3
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It sounds lovely! I'll get right to work on that!
(I wouldn't accuse of that at all :D)

Oooooo free range!
*runs off giggling manically*
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